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While you deposit is taken off of the cost of your tattoo's last session, it allows me to begin drawing your design, and correspond with you, knowing that my time and effort is being invested well.

While deposits are nonrefundable, if you are unable to make it to your appointment, and unable to notify me prior to 72 hours before your appointment, your deposit is forfeited and will cover the time I spent that week prepping for your appointment that is no longer happening. This requires further correspondence to setup another appointment when I'm available again.  

The reason for this is because each design generally requires days worth of work in design preparations before I'm confident in tattooing it. As well as on any other client's I have to schedule and complete projects with could have been seen earlier. As well, if you were to not leave a deposit, and miss your appointment, without any compensation, it's difficult to book you again with confidence that I'm investing my time well or that they care enough about it all to take care of the tattoo.

Thank you for understanding and taking the time to read this.

Deposits amounts are as follows;

touchups $115

half day appointment $230

full day appointment $460

enter your ig handle as the note.

taxes have been included.