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Deposits are taken off of the cost of your tattoo, allow me to begin drawing your design, and correspond with you, knowing that my time and efforts are being invested well.

While deposits are nonrefundable, if you are unable to make it to your appointment, and unable to notify me prior to 72 hours before your appointment, your deposit is forfeited and will cover the day off you've given me.

The reason for this is because each design generally requires eight to ten hours of design and preparations before I'm confident in tattooing it, and that I could have worked on any of the other clients I have to schedule and complete projects with.

Artists have their reputation and quality standards to retain and operate at. I can't reduce my price or increase my speed to fit your budget.

100/hr for general work

120/hr for hands and throats

150/hr for coverups, faces, and same day or special hours

taxes are not included.

Deposits are as follows

touchup deposit $115

half day deposit $230

full day deposit $460

taxes have been included.

Deposits are sent to katharsis.ottawa@gmail.com

Thank you,